Promotional Packages

As well as our services offered in the Fashion and Event Industry, Here are two amazing promotional packages that could be The Highlight’s to your next individual Event, Exhibition or a Wearable collection.

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Memories of Melbourne – “The Heritage Collection”

Fashion design is an ever changing circle of design, fabrics, textures and embellishments.

 Looks are always revived from the past masters of design, hence the importance and huge revival of heritage or better known as “Vintage Dressing”.

CHC have put together a unique collection of original garments, accessories
and millinery. The looks and style of the past. A time capsule, capturing the style span from
the late 1800’s, through to the 1980’s.

Now we have a fragile yet wearable Collection of women’s garments selected
to perfectly represent each decade into one magnificent fashion parade of
times gone by.

Compered by Christopher Horne, using Chronological Events occurring in each
decade and appropriate music back ground for this enormously attention
seeking show Your audience will be spell bound by the elegance,
sophistication and attention to detail portrayed by our models who creatively
take on the  style of modelling for that era shown. The hair and makeup and
as mentioned, the wonderful accessories that will take your audience into a
time gone by, yet still has relevant influences to today’s fashion image.

“Little Black Dress”

This is a collection of garments from early to late 20th century. Some 25 complete outfits that takes the audience through fashion history that has now become after 5 must have.

Again a unique insight into the memories of fashion and elegance.


This is a collection of costume magic by Mr Ken Smith. Ken’s creativity
started at Melbourne’s Department Store Myer, in what was known as the
Display Studio, making the little outfits for the figures in the famous Myer
Fairytale  Christmas windows, he designed and dressed the characters for the
yearly Moomba Carnival and the wonderful special display events that Myer
were well renowned.

In those years there was one fabulous imaginary, fun yet slightly eccentric
Ball to attend, “The Arts Ball” Ken and costumier’s of the day worked for
months to get the entries  ready for this annual event. He made exotic, over
exaggerated  historical or fantasy costumes for he and his wife,
extravagantly bejewelled and heavily hand beaded on exotic fabrics, over
developed to create these amazing costumes, and of course winning many times
the incredible prizes offered on the night.

This is a staggering collection that can be transformed into a static visual
or could be worn as a total or part of a parade.

For further information on this extravagance that could be your promotion
call CHC promotions on             +61 03 9866 8488      

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